Due to the Coronavirus situation, meetings can be cancelled on short notice

The 117th FAI General Conference 2023 is planned to be held in Dayton, Ohio, USA, on 26 and 27 October 2023.
Confirmation of the event, time and venue will be communicated in an official notice in accordance with FAI Statute

FAI General Aviation Commission17 Feb 202319 Feb 2023LausanneSwitzerland
FAI Gliding Commission03 Mar 202304 Mar 2023CopenhagenDenmark
FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission04 Mar 202305 Mar 2023PortoPortugal
FAI Rotorcraft Commission10 Mar 202311 Mar 2023LausanneSwitzerland
FAI Ballooning Commission17 Mar 202318 Mar 2023Hasle-RuegsauSwitzerland
FAI Executive Board21 Mar 202321 Mar 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Aeromodelling Commission31 Mar 202301 Apr 2023LausanneSwitzerland
FAI Executive Board25 Apr 202325 Apr 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Executive Board23 May 202323 May 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Medico-Physiological Commission10 Jun 202311 Jun 2023StockholmSweden
FAI Executive Board25 Jul 202325 Jul 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Executive Board22 Aug 202322 Aug 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Executive Board19 Sep 202319 Sep 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Executive Board23 Oct 202324 Oct 2023DaytonUSA
FAI Aerobatics Commission17 Nov 202319 Nov 2023KrakovPoland
FAI Executive Board21 Nov 202321 Nov 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Executive Board19 Dec 202319 Dec 2023Onlinen/a
FAI Microlight & Paramotor Commission22 Feb 202424 Feb 2024LausanneSwitzerland