06 Aug 2023

Three golds for Czech Republic at the 23rd FAI World Rally Flying Championships

Czech pilot-navigator duos gained a remarkable three golds at the 23rd FAI World Rally Flying Championships in Mâcon, France.  

Jonáš Petr and Velát Marek (CZE) are individual FAI champions, and the overall FAI team champions are the French home team.

Other Czech wins included Junior* team mates Matouš Adam and Stepan Sedláček who also gained a gold for their first place. Lukáš Běhounek and Kryštof Bobek gained a gold medal in the Landings category, followed by their team mates David Cerný and Ivo Lengál with silver.

France’s first place in the Women’s category*, for Adèle Schramm and Marjorie Perrissin-Fabert, was backed up by three other wins - second for Juniors and silver and bronze in Individuals.

Junior pilots Robin Shearer and Oliver Meindl of Germany are names to watch out for, performing well to gain a bronze. Also taking a bronze medal home to South Africa are Alewyn Burger and Steve van der Merwe, for their success in the Landings category.

*Junior refers to experience rather than age. Junior, Female and Landing winners received FAI General Aviation Commission medals.

Capricious weather caused some delays to the competition, with a day of flying postponed and red flags appearing on the runway because of strong winds. The championships was hosted by Fédération Française Aéronautique, who also organised an open day after the competition, with activities for children. 



  1. Jonáš Petr and Velát Marek (CZE)
  2. Olivier Rivière, Jérôme JIREAU (FRA)
  3. Alexis FUCHS, Jean-Baptiste TROUCHE (FRA)


Landings podium


  1. Lukáš BEHOUNEK, Kryštof BOBEK (CZE)
  2. David CERNÝ, Ivo LENGÁL (CZE)
  3. Alewyn BURGER, Steve VAN DER MERWE (RSA)


  1. France
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Poland

Junior category podium


  1. Matouš Adam and Stepan Sedláček (CZE)
  2. Paul Sauce, Mariano Fuster (FRA)
  3. Robin Shearer, Oliver Meindl (GER)

Women's podium





Images from FFA