Air Navigation Race (ANR) is a knock out competition where aircraft fly in elimination heats against each other.

The aircraft have to fly along predetermined corridors with irregular shapes at a specific speed (normally 80 knots). The corridors are generated by sophisticated mapping software to ensure they are of equal length. The software produces maps with four corridors to allow for four aircraft to fly in each heat.

Crews are handed their map with the printed corridor and are given thirty minutes to plan their flight. GNSS loggers are used to log the flight track with timing to the second.

At the conclusion of each heat there is a scored landing for the crew when the return to the airfield.

Crews are penalised for flying outside their corridors and for timing errors. Penalties are also awarded for the landing. Crews are eliminated on a heat by heat basis until there are three remaining. These three fly against each other to determine the final podium positions.