How to set a Record

The following information is valid for World and Continental Records of all sports and disciplines.

  • Check on the FAI record pages what the best previous performance is, if any, for the record you would like to set. Do not forget to check the record claims pending homologation.
  • Review the FAI Sporting Code, General Section and relevant Specialised Section, to get an understanding of the rules and documentation requirements.
  • For the definition of the course used for your record attempt, you will need the exact distance given by the World Distance Calculator.
  • Obtain an FAI sporting license from your National Airsport Control Organisation (NAC) if you do not already hold a valid one. Please note that the FAI Sporting Code - General Section, Item 8.1.3 says:  A Sporting Licence shall only be considered issued and valid, if the holder is listed on the FAI Sporting Licence database by the NAC that is issuing the particular Sporting License.
  • Your flight or jump will have to be properly monitored and controlled. Determine with your NAC who will serve as Official Observer(s). If the flight is a 'speed over a recognised course' record between 2 airports, each with a control tower, the tower personnel are entitled to certify the times of start and finish.
  • You should get in touch with your Official Observer(s) to discuss the flight or jump and the procedures for documenting the record.
  • The fun part.... you make the performance !
  • Within 7 days of the record attempt, FAI must be officially notified that the flight or jump was successful and provided with basic details of the performance, preferably using the Standard Preliminary Claim Form . Fax or email are acceptable.
  • Send your NAC the complete details of the flight or jump (on the prescribed forms if applicable) including any evidence required such as photographs, barograms.
  • After your NAC receives and reviews the documentation file, your record should be certified as a National Record.
  • If a World or Continental Record is being claimed, your NAC must then forward a complete dossier containing the original evidence to FAI in Lausanne within 120 days requesting that FAI approves the record as a World or Continental Record.
  • Please note that FAI charges NACs an administrative fee of CHF 300.00 for processing each World or Continental record dossier. NACs may decide to pass this charge on to claimants.

If you have any questions, please contact the FAI.


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